We believe in the small, immigrant-owned businesses that make Buford Highway unique, and we know you do too! We Love BuHi supports and promotes Buford Highway’s immigrant-owned businesses by visiting stores and restaurants, meeting owners and employees, listening to their ideas and issues, and sharing who they are and what they do so well with you all.

We believe in fostering and advocating for equitable and sustainable community development along the Buford Highway corridor. We advocate for recognizing immigrant-owned businesses as community assets and engines of economic resilience, building on and strengthening the social capital and networks of immigrant communities, and integrating engagement into local and regional planning and decision-making.

In 2015 and 2016, we mapped Buford Highway shops and businesses owned by and serving the region’s immigrant and refugee populations, and in 2017 we published an updated and expanded Guide to Buford Highway. This year, we are updating the Guide and also introducing the Buford Highway Shuffle, a slightly nostalgic, fun, and rewarding way for you to support local businesses and We Love BuHi’s mission at the same time!