We ask that anyone who is interviewed or seeks to be interviewed completes this form. If you have an interview already scheduled, please have this form submitted at least one week prior to your interview. The contact information you provide here is for our records and will not be made publicly available; however, other information may be used in a biographical note accompanying descriptions of your interview. Please note which responses (in addition to your contact information) you desire to remain confidential in the "Additional Comments" box at the end, and we will ensure that such information remains private.

If you have questions about the questions on this form or how the information will be used, please contact the Project Architect at gina@welovebuhi.com. If you have any questions about how your interview will be archived, please contact the Georgia State University Library Social Change Collection archivist, Katherine Fisher, at 404-413-2880 or kfisher11@gsu.edu.

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