Thank you for your interest in becoming an Ambassador for the Buford Highway Oral History Project.

Responsibilities of Ambassadors for the Buford Highway Oral History Project include the following:

  • Personally invite 5 of your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances to be interviewed for the Project
  • Write an op-ed or make a media appearance on behalf of the Project
  • Provide a short biography and photograph for our website and Project materials
  • Speak on behalf of the Project to organizations in which you're a member to recruit volunteers (including narrators and interviewers, especially those with strong personal ties to the Buford Highway community, and transcribers, interpreters, and translators who can make a long-term commitment to the Project)
  • Participate in Project panel discussions and at milestone events or celebrations, as needed
  • Assist with modest fundraising efforts, as needed

If you have any questions regarding your role, please contact our Project Architect Gina Yu at gina@welovebuhi.com. We are truly grateful for your participation in this ambitious effort!